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Razer’s Project Valerie prototype has appeared for sale in China 

As interesting at CES was this year, it ended on a somewhat sour note for Razer as the company had two of its Project Valerie triple screen laptop prototypes stolen from the press room at the show. Since then, the company has offered a sizeable reward for information leading to the thief but it looks like it may already be too late to retrieve the prototypes, as they promptly popped up for sale on a Chinese site last week, for the low price of $21,733.

These laptops were posted for sale on Taobao, only to be taken down shortly after the news of the listing began to spread throughout the internet. We can’t be too sure how legitimate the listing was as it was promptly taken down, but we can assume that either Razer got in touch with the site regarding the investigation, or the poster took down the listing due to the amount of attention it was getting, whether it was real or not.


Razer hasn’t mentioned the investigation publicly since offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the thief, so we don’t know how close they are to finding out who was behind it. However, hopefully some good comes out of the Chinese sales listing by providing some additional clues for authorities to follow up on.
KitGuru Says: These laptops were bound to reappear somewhere on the web at some point, legitimately or not. There isn’t much evidence to point to this listing being real but perhaps Razer will confirm its validity at some point if they were able to get hold of the seller

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