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Pikuniku is free on the Epic Games Store

One of the best aspects of the Epic Games Store’s free weekly game program is the fact that it can introduce new and unique games to a wide audience, allowing players to experience new sides to video games. This week, the unique co-op adventure-puzzle game, Pikuniku, is available for all to download for free.

Published by Devolver Digital, Pikuniku sees you take control of Piku and Niku, two cute yet odd-looking characters whose only limbs are their legs. Having no arms, Piku and Niku must work together to traverse the environments, setting off traps and solving puzzles.

While playable solo, Pikuniku shines with its local co-op which allows for you and a friend to work together to progress through the game. That being said, it is equally as fun to simply kick each other using your extendable legs, making for interesting encounters – especially when this physical violence can actually help propel your characters to new heights and previously inaccessible areas.

As you attempt to solve these puzzles, unique and cheery music by Calum Bowen (also known as bo en) plays throughout. bo en previously scored the Nintendo Switch exclusive Snipperclips. While not the biggest nor the most exciting free game on offer, Pikuniku does bring its own unique flavour of co-op gaming, and is certainly worth checking out – especially if you have a sibling to play with.

Pikuniku is free to download from now until the 8th of October at 4pm, at which point it will be replaced by ABZU and Rising Storm 2: Vietnam.

KitGuru says: What do you think of this week’s offering? Do you enjoy co-op games? What was the last game that exceeded your expectations? Let us know down below.

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