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The System Shock Remake has officially gone Gold

Announced nearly 8 years ago, NightDive Studios have been working on a remake of the classic 1994 cyberpunk immersive sim System Shock. Development has not been the smoothest, with the title being delayed multiple times over the years. That said, the game is finally set to come to PCs later this month – with the game now officially going Gold ahead of time.

Making the announcement on Twitter, Stephen Kick, the CEO of NightDive Studios, released a short and simple Tweet, saying “System Shock has gone Gold.”

For the uninitiated, ‘Going Gold’ means that the System Shock Gold Master disc has been submitted to the game’s publisher Prime Matter. Following the submission of the gold master, discs can be pressed with finalised software and digital storefronts can upload the ‘final’ version of the game ready for release. It’s a process that every game in development goes through, and means that (aside from post-launch patches) System Shock is complete and ready to play.

Of course, considering the fact that the 30th of May release date pertains only to the PC launch, it is safe to assume no actual physical discs have been pressed. Still, the sentiment remains.

The original 1994 System Shock was a marquee title for its time and with the immersive sim genre mostly falling to the wayside in the ensuing decades. Here’s to hoping that the upcoming remake manages to not only capture the atmosphere of the first game, but also its free and creative gameplay. We don’t have long to wait in order to find out.

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