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CES: Lenovo aim to equip half of all PC’s with touch screen

With the growing interest in touch screen technology Lenovo are hoping to outfit up to half of their systems with a touch sensitive panel. They announced this at a CES press conference in Las Vegas.

Lenovo may struggle to acquire enough touch sensitive panels as  there is currently a global shortage, according to PC makers in the Far East. Touch screen panels also add to the cost for both the PC maker and consumer.

Lenovo claim that they can win priority from touch screen suppliers due to their global market share percentages, which rate them as second biggest in the industry.

The company also announced a series of new products including a 27 inch AIO called the IdeaCenter Horizon Tablet PC. This system will allow for touch control by more than two users. The price point for this system is around the $1,700 mark.

Kitguru says: Do we really want a touch screen on a large desktop PC screen?

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