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Commodore ‘Invictus’ – a trip down memory lane?

Ah the memories … the good old days. When we had 64k of memory and a plastic computer built into a keyboard housing. If you are as old as me you will fondly remember waiting for 20 minutes, praying that the game would actually load.

According to latest news reports Commodore USA are set to release the “Invictus” which while still sketchy, appears to be using netbook based components, fitted into the housing of a keyboard. Intel ATOM and nVidia ION are sure to be the favourite choice for a low cost, low power computer.

Some of you will remember our stories on the upcoming ASUS Eee keyboard computer and this Commodore unit looks to be very similar, by offering display output via wireless HDMI.

Battery life is yet to be confirmed but the company have quoted around five to six hours between charges which is more than enough for watching a few movies or general surfing.

Availability and costs are yet to confirmed but we think this looks rather attractive.

KitGuru says: Asus or Commodore, vote with your wallet.

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