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4OD lets you catch up with Android and iOS app

Both Android and iOS versions of Channel 4's 4OD service have allowed users to stream previously shown content for a while now, but today with the new versions of each app (3.0 on iOS and 2.0 on Android), users will be able to download catch up content from within the past 30 days and then watch it offline.

As Wired points out, the BBC iPlayer has offered this feature to Apple users for a while, but 4OD has become the first to offer the dual functionality to both iOS and Android handset owners. Apparently the BBC is looking to catch up, as it has received complaints of favouritism by developing for iOS before Android. It has however, assured users that it is working hard to bring universal functionality to both operating systems.

The best show you can watch on their, trust me.

The new 4OD app supports all related channels, including Channel 4, E4 and More 4 and even allows you to watch the downloaded shows abroad. It's freely available in the Google Play Store here.

KitGuru Says: Nice added bit of functionality and especially good to see companies trusting people with downloads as opposed to just assuming they'll pirate the crap out of it.

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