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BioShock Infinite facing criticism for the box artwork

When I buy a PC game, its generally on STEAM or one of the lesser known online download platforms. For me, the box artwork isn’t such an issue, but there are still some people who feel it is incredibly important.

Bioshock Infinite has raised a lot of attention already and even though it hasn’t been released there has been a lot of negative feedback for the choice of box artwork.

The Irrational Games first  person shooter features the image of a man wielding a shotgun with a flag burning behind him. Fans of the franchise are not happy with this image at all.

Kotaku writer Owen Good has written an article on the box artwork detailing criticism of the design. “You have a game involving floating islands, mechanical creatures of all shapes and sizes, the existance of realityshifting and timebending magic and sky-ziplines,” said Redditor Gregar in a thread almost unanimous in its disappointment. “And the best you can come up with is a Generic, Grizzled, White Protagonist that you can’t even see, because it’s First Person, holding a generic shotgun over his shoulder.”

Other people have written that the companies focus on the new female NPC is a good idea, but why does she not feature at all on the box?

Forbes Erik Kain writes “This box art is designed, one suspects, for its mass appeal and familiarity. Which is weird, because BioShock Infinite itself looks unique, looks nothing like Call of Duty. And I don’t particularly care to see my first-person character, to be honest, even if he does look a lot like an even more rugged Nathan Drake.”

Kitguru says: Do you think it is a problem? Do you even care?

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