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Collector sells every Super Nintendo game for $25,000

It isn’t often we see a collection as extensive as this one, but one well known collector is putting up a complete list of US Super Nintendo games for $25,000. He is accepting other offers however, if you only have $24,500 free maybe?

The guy is selling every game, which includes the box and 85 percent of them also include the manual. The seller, called byuu is actually the creator of the popular BSNES emulator. He bought all the games to ensure his ROM’s all worked perfectly. He spent three years of his life collecting the games, and is looking to get some of his money back. That is dedication!

We have seen some of these games selling for $300 each, without the boxes. There are 721 games up for grabs. According to my sources, some of the unlicensed a promotional games, such as Nintendo Powerfest 1994 are not included. As this has sold in the past for almost $12,000 alone, it wouldn’t be expected.

He says he spent 2,000 hours buying, scanning and dumping the games, and another 60 hours hand cleaning each of the cartridges.

Next on his list, is to collect all the European and Japanese SNES games to do the same thing.

He has had 40 offers already. You can check it out here.

Kitguru says: this is a very dedicated person, and while I think it is bonkers, I can admire him for all the time he has put into this !

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