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Create the games of tomorrow at GamesCom 2012

At GamesCom 2012, the vast majority of the show is about what is being release, but in Hall 11 there is a strong focus on ‘what will come’. KitGuru takes a break from the top end action and meets a talented Swedish chap who’s working in Poland to bring an English dream to life.

CD Projekt RED Studio is based in Warsaw and describes itself as ‘small’. When Senior Level Artist Jonas Mattsson says ‘small’ he’s being modest. With 120 staff and some known Triple-A titles under its sleeve, CD Projekt RED is an established studio with great potential.

“When we released The Witcher, we knew that we were on to something”, said Jonas. “Sure, sales were strong, but the thing we noticed was the positive reaction from the community to the game”.

“From the moment we started it, we were already working on a cool upgrade that would be made available free of charge to users. That was a really smart idea and it made our customers realise that we are more about the pure gaming experience than wringing every penny we can out of the market”.

KitGuru can think of dozens of titles where the add-ons can cost a serious amount of money – Warcraft for one.

“Because of our relationship with the community and the great updates we make available, The Witcher 2 was a big success for us”‘ said Jonas.

So what about the future?

“Well, we are here at GamesCom, because we want o recruit even more talent. We are working hard on a ‘dark fantasy RPGS’ and a complex game set in the Mike Pondsmith’s CyberPunk world”.

It all sounds like exciting stuff and, if you fancy yourself the next Da Vinci of the game screen, you can contact Jonas’ human resources team by sending your CV to gc [at] cdprojektred.com

KitGuru says: It’s good to know that companies do not need 1,000 staff and $1 Billion revenue per game to succeed in the market. Walking around Hall 11 at GamesCom 2012 gives you a strong sense of optimism for the future of gaming. More power to Jonas-types around the industry!

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