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Crysis 3 Review – worth £40?

Our guy Paul Collins has reviewed Crysis 3 after beating the single player in less than 7 hours.

He says “I remember when the original Crysis was released and a horde of PC gamers went rushing to the hardware store to spend money on a new graphics card. That game must have been responsible for millions of graphics card sales. The comment ‘But can it run Crysis?’ turned into a catchphrase to verify the ultimate power of a system. When Crysis 2 was released many people cried foul due to the console port graphics. The developers did follow up with a high quality texture pack for the PC game, but a lot of people already had it beaten. Can Crysis 3 recapture the magical experience of the first game?”

You can read his full review over here to find out if it is worth the £40 asking price.

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