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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review @ Kitguru Gaming

Deux Ex: Human Revolution is one of this years most eagerly awaited games. And Kitguru Gaming has just published a review from Gaming Editor Emma Boyes.

Emma has many years experience within the industry and has worked for IGN and GameSpot – she has joined the elite ranks at Kitguru, bringing her unique style of writing to the Kitguru audience.

'Oh get up you big girl, I hardly touched you'

Emma has scored Deus Ex: Human Revolution at 5 stars out of 5, claiming “It’s no surprise that Deus Ex: Revolution is a top quality game that will certainly be a serious contender for game of the year. It’s good to see that it’s maintained the standards set by the previous two games – which admittedly, set the bar quite high. It has everything a gamer could want – a fascinating back-story, realistic characters, great graphics and sound, adrenalin-pumping action alongside more slow-paced, thoughtful stealth options, side quests if you want them, a satisfyingly amount of hours in a playthrough and replayability. It’s hard to find anything but minor quibbles with it. Really the only bad thing about the game was that it had to end.”

If you want to check out the full review then head to this page

Kitguru says: Have you got the game preordered? You might want to part with the cash for this one.

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