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IE9 incompatible with XP, will it destroy market share?

Microsoft often make decisions that befuddle enthusiast users and many across the net are wondering if the recent news about IE9 being incompatible with Windows XP is going to cause a massive backlash with the Windows user base.

Research firm NetApplications have reported that in August 61 percent of all computers are running Windows XP. As Windows Vista and Windows 7 are both IE9 compatible, this is a 30 percent audience they are aiming IE9 towards. How is adoption going to be as large as Microsoft want with 7 computers in 10 unable to run the browser in the first place?

Windows XP users will take some comfort in knowing that the latest Firefox still supports XP, even if the company who make the operating system appear to be totally abandoning it. We are all for progress, but surely Microsoft are shooting themselves in the foot by immediately disregarding 61 percent of the marketplace?

The reason to leave XP behind is due to IE9 using the Direct2D API to assist in rendering web content faster. Internet Marketing chief Ryan Gavin told the Register last week that “A modern web needs a modern operating system”.

Windows XP users are a stubborn lot who believe that Microsoft have abandoned their best operating system ever but they aren't giving up. A forum user called Joseph said “I am not moving to Windows Vista or Windows 7 because Windows XP is faster than either of them. I didn't move for Direct X support and I am certainly not moving to get access to IE9 either”. So there you have it, Windows XP is still the king of the operating systems to a large audience.

KitGuru says: Windows XP has a fanatical audience, and many users want a cut down version of IE9 for their systems, even if they lose certain functionality.

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