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iTunes 25 billion song downloads, student wins 10,000 euros

The ever popular Apple iTunes store has reached their 25 billionth download, which translates to more than three songs for every person on Earth. Apple awarded a gift card worth 10,000 euros to a German student who bought the 25 billionth track.

Phillip Luepke, 22 from Hanover in Germany downloaded ‘Monkey Drums (Goksel Vancin Remix)’ by DJ Chase Buch. This song was downloaded 10 years after iTunes debuted.

Luepke told Reuters by phone “I was very surprised to hear the news, “I woke up this morning and had an email from Apple saying I had the 25 billionth download. In fact, I didn’t quite believe it at first. It’s a new feeling for me.”

The path to winning the 10,000 euros prize started when he looked up a track he heard at a party on Saturday night. He used Shazam to look up the name of the track and downloaded it the next day.

Apple launched iTunes in April 2003 when Steve Jobs was in control of the company and they average 15,000 songs downloaded every single minute. They have an extensive catalogue covering 26 million songs in 119 countries.

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