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New Chrome extension allows for remote computer control

This weekend Google released a new Chrome extension which allows for remote control of a computer across a network.

The Chrome Remote Desktop Beta version is basically a browser version of remote desktop software for operating systems. There has already been much discussion on the extension as it would be ideal for businesses, to allow IT staff to control employees machines. Other uses include remote control of your own machine when away from the house.

A handy new extension for Chrome – allowing cross platform system control

The release said “Chrome Remote Desktop BETA is the first installment on a capability allowing users to remotely access another computer through the Chrome browser or a Chromebook. Chrome Remote Desktop BETA is fully cross-platform, so you can connect any two computers that have a Chrome browser, including Windows, Linux, Mac, and Chromebooks.”

The software requires an access code every time remote administration is requested. “This version enables users to share with or get access to another computer by providing a one-time authentication code. Access is given only to the specific person the user identifies for one time only, and the sharing session is fully secured.”

Kitguru says: We love the idea. Lets hope it isn't abused maliciously

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