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Chrome introduces a new way of using tabs

The new version of Google's Chrome browser is helping users to keep tabs on their… tabs, as there is now the option to group tabs together and label them with a custom name and colour.

InternetWorks was the first browser to introduce tabbed browsing back in 1994. However, the feature didn't become popular until 2003, when Mozilla incorporated tabs into its browser. Nowadays most people have a forgotten the times when browsing the internet was done entirely without using tabs.

To help users organise their tabs, Google has introduced tab groups to the Beta version of Chrome. Now, someone just needs to right click to group tabs together and give each group its own name and colour.

Image credit: Google

The developers behind the new feature say that they have been testing out tab groups for months by now. One suggestion the developers give is to organise the tab groups by topic. Another recommendation given by the developers is to order the tabs according to user progress – for example “haven’t started,” “in progress,” “need to follow up” and “completed.” As a final bit of fun, Google also says that Emojis can be included in group names if you want to make them that bit more interesting.

The blog post from Google discussing the new feature can be read HERE. Google Chrome Beta can be downloaded HERE.

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