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Edison Mail update reported to show strangers’ emails

Edison Mail has been described as an “award-winning AI-based independent mail app for secure mailbox management on iOS and Android”, with millions of active users. However, many users have reported that they are able to see emails that weren't meant for them. 

Security is a key feature of all digital communication. Billions of emails are sent all over the globe each day – some of them containing sensitive information that both the sender and receiver wouldn't want anyone else to see. However, iOS users of the email application Edison Mail have reported that they could see emails meant for other people.

Edison Mail says the problem was caused by a bug in the code, not a security breach. What caused the bug isn't publicly known, however, it seems like the bug only affected iOS devices. One user, Petter Magnusson, took to Twitter showing someone with the device named “Mandy's iPhone” had gained full access to his email accounts.

In an effort to eliminate the bug, Edison Mail rolled back its latest update. Edison Mail also issued a statement via Twitter, saying:

“We are urgently working to resolve this technical problem in Edison Mail. Yesterday a software update rolled out to a small percent of our users. We have reverted that now and are reaching out to users who have been impacted as fast as we can.”

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