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Bethesda’s Skyrim: classic, funny video footage continues

Yesterday we published a little news story regarding the epic Skyrim – simply place a pot over someone's head and you can nick everything they own. Bethesda may have built in a great ‘line of sight' algorthim, but the Skyrim citizens really are as dumb as a box of frogs.

We thought we might share a few emails that readers sent in yesterday, detailing some hilarious physics highlights, bugs and glitches. There seem to be a ton of hidden easter eggs too…

Incidentally this has to be my ‘game of the year', 30 hours playing and I seem like I haven't even scratched the surface yet ! According to Steam statistics, over 210,000 people were playing this game on Friday, which has to be a record. Also according to website Ology, there is a Minecraft Easter Egg, check it out over here.

Check out our review of the game here.

Kitguru says: If you haven't bought this yet and have a decent rig, then you have to get it.

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