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Stealing in Skyrim – just place a pot over people’s heads

Bethesda make some stunning games for the PC, and I have to admit that I spent most of my weekend in the world of Skyrim wandering the huge map and killing anything with a pulse. My character is only level 9, but I am having a blast already.

One thing that has amazed me about this game is the artificial intelligence system. Often if you think it should work, then it will. Long time Kitguru reader Joe Fletcher sent me an email today, explaining how to effectively steal in Skyrim without having to deal with any repercussions. Well almost.

Apparently the characters in the game, ‘see' you with their eyes, obviously some clever code algorithms dealing with line of sight. As always, with hundreds of thousands of people playing it, Youtube is already packed with cool video content and funny bugs. For instance, I had a great experience yesterday when I tried to steal a very nice sword from a blacksmith, waited until his back was turned, but wasn't aware that his daughter was nearby and watching. She then raised the alarm and I ended up having to fight him. He was unarmed and ran away after a few well placed sword blows. Shockingly, he returned in a few minutes armed to the teeth and I ended up in a full one on one sword duel.

Very impressive. I doubt his daughter thought that however as I hacked him to death in front of her.

Anyway in regards to the ‘pots on head' tactic … if you place a pot over a characters head and steal their items, they can't actually ‘see' you doing it, so won't be aware. Clearly the fact you just placed a pot over their head in the first place should raise a little suspicion, but perhaps the AI needs a little more work. Regardless it is very funny, check out the video above.

Kitguru says: If anyone is playing this game and has found funny, or amusing things happening then let us know.

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