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Logitech THX Z906 speakers set to target high end pc market

The enthusiast market has been getting some excellent new quality speaker designs in recent months, with Corsair and Antec both releasing some stellar performance speakers for the discerning audience.

Logitech have just released a THX Certified speakers with a claimed 500 watts (RMS) output level. The Z906 speakers are said to deliver ‘theater quality sound’. The speakers support six audio devices meaning you can hook in a wide range of consoles, computers and even portable players without having to hunt for cables on a regular basis.

The Z906 speakers will ship with a wireless remote control and wall mountable satellite speakers to keep the physical floor demands to a minimum. With a recommended retail price at £329 in the UK, they will certainly be targeting the higher end audience who want the ultimate quality sound.

KitGuru says: Logitech go head to head with Antec, Razer and Corsair. Plenty of options for everyone.

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