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Edifier shows off new Predator 2.1 speaker system

Considering I’ve been running  a set of Razer Mako speakers for the past few years, it’s obvious I’m a fan of odd shaped sound setups. With that in mind, my interest is certainly peaked by the Edifier Predator 2.1 speaker system which comes heavily inspired by an unnamed sci-fi universe antagonist. Can you take a guess who?

“Where’s my royalty cheque?”

But on to the speakers themselves. According to Edifier they have a “one of a kind,” 2.1 system, using a five inch subwoofer combined with two satellite speakers, made up of a two inch front-firing driver and two inch passive radiator. Connectivity is through a 3.5mm auxiliary and bass is adjustable along with master volume. 


In-case I missed anything, here’s the feature list:

  • Downward firing 5 inch subwoofer and 2 inch front firing full-range driver in each satellite
  • 2 inch passive radiator in each satellite for enhanced audio output
  • Angled satellites for enhanced sound projection
  • Auxiliary input port for versatile connectivity to external devices
  • Master volume and on/off dial located on the top of the subwoofer with blue halo indicator light
  • Separate bass adjustment control for bass output
  • All speaker drivers are magnetically shielded
  • Universal 100V-240V power supply

The Edifier Predator’s are priced at £59.99 and can currently be found at Curry’s and PC World and soon at several online retailers.

Look out for a review here soon.

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