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Sony unveil new super slim Playstation 3 console

Sony have unveiled the new super slim Playstation 3, just in time as Nintendo focus on their Wii U gaming machine. We heard talk about this new machine earlier in the year and it has finally been shown at a press conference. We managed to get hold of a picture today.

The new Playstation 3 may be smaller, but Sony are bundling a larger hard drive inside the machine – there are two new versions, one with a 250GB drive and the other with a 500GB drive. A few cry from the initial launch console which had a tiny drive installed.

The 250GB model will hit the USA on September 25th for $270, bundled with Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, The game of the year edition and a $30 voucher for DUST 514. The 500GB version will ship on October 30th for $300 and will be bundled with Assassins Creed III.

The super slim will replace the slim model, and is the third model in the series.

John Koller, director of hardware marketing for Sony, wrote on his blog “As developers continue to release deep and rich digital gaming content, providing an option for larger HDD is essential, especially for games with large DLC packs, and full game downloads, as well as personal entertainment content.”

Kitguru says: Nintendo plan on releasing their Wii U on November 18th – charging $300 for a 8GB version and $350 for a 32GB version.

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