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Blurry video snippets combine to form, potential PS4

Remember that PS4 teaser video we put up yesterday? It didn’t really show us much of what the PS4 looks like, other than its black and has grills. Difficult to put much more of a picture together than that, but one Redditor has, mocking up what the PS4 could look like from the snippets we saw.

It’s an interesting look, not too dissimilar to the PS3, though it does look like it has a flip top like many early CD based consoles – or a barbecue.

Someone made a BBQ out of a PS3 right? Their job would be a lot easier with this. 

Of course the PS4 probably won’t look like this in the end. For one it looked like more a stand up, rather than lay down, machine in the video.

KitGuru Says: But then again, it’s a black box with grills. How different could it really be?

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