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Canadian super sized Xbox One was zombie filled

Microsoft has been partaking in some more guerilla style marketing for its upcoming Xbox One console, especially in Canada, where an enormous version of the console has just been sat in a car park in Vancouver. Last night, to coincide with Halloween, the thing burst open, seeding zombies into the surrounding area.

Obviously this is a nice little Dead Rising 3 tie-in, but for those that hung around after the undead had dispersed, inside was a load of Xbox One consoles hooked up to TVs, letting people have a go on some of the One's launch titles a few weeks before the official release.

No word if this one could handle 1080p in Call of Duty Ghosts. Source: The Verge

The Xbox One is set to launch in all territories on 22nd November. Dead Rising 3 will debut right alongside it as one of the launch titles.

KitGuru Says: That's kind of a cool promo, you've got to give it to them. Still, if you really want a zombie experience, I can personally recommend theZombie Mall experience in reading. It's awesome.

[Cheers Kotaku]

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