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Julie Larson-Green to take over as Xbox One head

It was big news yesterday: Don Mattrick, the guy that had been just a few weeks before touting the virtues of Microsoft's upcoming Xbox One console, was now headed to Zynga to try and save the dilapidated Facebook game maker. The question remained however, who would replace him? Now we know: current Windows head, Julie Larson-Green.

This isn't looking likely to be her only job however, as according to Bloomberg, she could be set to head up all Microsoft hardware engineering, including Surface tablets. This would make her one of the bigger figures at Microsoft and have her lording over important Xbox executives like Phil Spender and Phil Harrison.


This comes as part of a rumoured big shake up at Microsoft, with Steve Ballmer shifting quite a few people around to help restructure Microsoft for a more contemporary business set up. It was thought initially that Mattrick would be the one to take on the role now set to be occupied by Larson-Green, but with his move to Zynga, that obviously takes him out of the running.

Other moves include Satya Nadella, who's currently in-charge of the server side of Microsoft's business, moving to take on more of a role with cloud computing.

KitGuru Says: Perhaps Larson-Green won't be quite so het up on TV. What do you guys think?

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