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Nintendo has a plan to let home consoles live on

Head at Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, has expressed his confusion over the current trend of interest in cloud and mobile gaming and has suggested that going into the future, his company has plans to maintain the current setup of dominant home consoles.

The big idea, is to universalise Nintendo software across multiple platforms, thereby allowing gamers to seamlessly move between using their handheld machines and their dedicated gaming console. This has already been talked about with the Wii U with titles like Monster Hunter Ultimate allowing gamers to take their slaying on the road. However Iwata believes if this were to be integrated fully, then Nintendo would have the opportunity to create more platforms.

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He also suggested that even with Microsoft and Sony developing pretty high powered machines for their next-generation, Nintendo wasn’t concerned by its apparent lack of opposing power. “It is natural that there will be more things that battery-run devices can do thanks to technological advances and game consoles will become more powerful,” he said during an investment Q&A session. “However, if we try to linearly pursue this direction, software development will become so complicated that we will eventually face a situation where cost recovery becomes a serious issue.”

He surmised by saying that graphically there is a point where realism starts to matter less and less and “what is really important, is whether we can make new propositions in other aspects and create games out of something that people never expected to see in the form of a game.”

KitGuru Says: So what do you guys think of Nintendo’s plan? Is it a solid one? Or are we seeing the beginning of the end for Nintendo, as even if the console market remains, Nintendo will be graphically and performance wise left quite far behind by Microsoft and Sony’s next offerings.

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