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Pay for Ouya games with bitcoins

As bitcoin continues its latest struggle to decide if it wants to be worth more than a thousand dollars or not, companies around the world continue to accept it. Now, you can buy games for your little Android Ouya console using the digital currency through the Ouya store, just like you would with a credit card.

You’ll also be able to buy the console itself if you have around .1 of a bitcoin lying around, since the Ouya itself doesn’t cost much more than $100.

The news came right from the Ouya’s mouth, with the company posting up a message on its twitter saying “We accept Bitcoin. Rejoice!” along with an image of its checkout system showing the bitcoin integration:


While this is good news for those that want to use the anonymous currency to buy a new console, Ouya is coming quite late to the party. Bitcoin has been around for over four years at this point. It’s also been of a decent but growing value for the last eight months. Had Ouya officials accepted Bitcoin at the start and held on to it for a while, it would have made a lot of money.

Kitguru Says: But of course that’s what anyone that’s been following the currency for more than a few days thinks. I bought my first Bitcoin for £20. Now I wish I’d invested my life savings. Then again, someone would probably just have nicked it.

[Cheers Eurogamer]

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