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RetroN 4 console plays NES, SNES, Megadrive and GBA games

I’m a big fan of retro gaming. I’ve got an N64, Mega Drive, Game Boy, Game Gear, Gamecube and big game collections for each – for me emulation just doesn’t cut it most of the time. However even for console purists that like to use the original contollers, a new one-stop retro gaming solution could be perfect: the RetroN 4.

However to owners of the previous generation RetroN3, most of this will be old news as they’ve had this ability for ages. What’s new with this one however, is the introduction of the GBA games and the fact that every system now comes with an HDMI port for easier connectivity.

RetroN 3
The RetroN3 with its wireless controllers and flashy red paint job.

One of the nicer features introduced with this sytem is the inclusion of newer features, such as the ability to remap keys. Perhaps a save feature will be included too?

“As this is an ambitious project for Hyperkin, our goal for this system is to combine modern gaming convenience to not only cater to the retro gaming community, but to also introduce a new generation of gamers to the classic games that have shaped the present gaming landscape,” said Steven Mar, Hyperkin’s executive director.

Unfortunately as of yet, we don’t know what the new RetroN will look like, but presumably similar to the last gen. Maybe in a different colour. It’ll be shown off for the first time on the 23rd March.

Kit Guru Says: I’ll be honest, I’m going to stick to my originals for now. It just feels like cheating to use something that was made this century. That said, at least this system will probably require blowing in console port now and again for that nostalgic feel.

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