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Who wants Mario and Luigi themed Wiimotes?

I do, I do! My wife will too, for sure. Granted it doesn't come down to much more than painting them red or green and sticking a M or L over the speaker port, but this is something Nintendo should have been doing for a long time.

Announced yesterday as part of the Nintendo Direct conference, the Wiimotes aren't far away either, with Nintendo's president Satoru Iwata suggesting that they would be made available as soon as 1st November and would be priced around $39.99. Considering this would make these round £5 cheaper than the average Wiimote in the UK at the moment, something tells me we'll be looking at more expensive ones in the UK. Perhaps closer to £30 ($48).

It's a mee, a money maker!

While Nintendo is hardly selling a lot of Wii U consoles right now, themed Wiimotes would be a great revenue earner for the company that's main focus has been family and party play. By creating more Mario themed Wiimotes (I call Wario), Nintendo could rely on many families and gaming groups buying them up, or at least a skin or some kind to replicate it, even if they aren't buying that many games.

Nintendo certainly needs to do something to turn around its ailing console business. While the 3DS might be selling like hot cakes – because people love hot cake I suppose? – the Wii U has languished as the least popular console for some time, after selling decent numbers soon after the hardware was released in November 2012.

KitGuru Says: What do you guys think? Would you spend another £30 or so to get some extra fancy Wiimotes?

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