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Xbox One will support eight controllers

Microsoft has announced that its next-gen console, the Xbox One, will support as many as eight separate controllers; which considering each of them will cost around £50 a piece, that's £400 you can look forward to spending just on controllers!

This is however, a significant anti-upper on every other console for the past twenty years, since the official support for most has been four. It's not been confirmed how many controllers the PS4 will support, though with Sony's recent one-upmanship tactics, it wouldn't be surprising to see it announce a max of 16.


While the cost for such a number seems a bit high, it could make the One a pretty interesting party console, though you'd need specific games designed to have that many people on screen without causing too many problems.

As Eurogamer points out, the new Xbox One wireless controllers have a massive range of 30ft, so there shouldn't be any problems with staying in signal range – though at that distance, you might struggle to see details on the screen.

KitGuru Says: Eight player games? Psh, my Megadrive can do that. Where my Micro Machines Turbo Tournament fans at? 

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