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Assassins Creed Revelations – hottest game this year?

Assassins Creed Revelations has been getting a lot of attention after the amazing gameplay demo at E3 this week. Fans of the stealth games look to be getting worked up on the latest exploits of Ezio, the double jointed Assassin.

For Ubisoft, there is no better source of income than the Assassins Creed franchise. Ezio returns in Revelations, older, wiser and a little greyer around the edges. We like the fact that they have aged the character to make it all seem much more realistic.

Ezio has not turned into a forgetful old duffer however, he has a wide range of tricks in his arsenal when the title is due for release in November. At the Electronic Entertainment Expo, the demo hosted by Ubisoft shows Ezio in Constantinople in the 1500's. The latest story marks an end to Ezio's adventure which was first told in Assassins Creed II and then featured again in the Brotherhood title.

Ezio has to find five seals which hold the future of the Assassins clan. The E3 demo shows Ezio in Constantinople searching for a way out. The graphics engine has been enhanced and tweaked to show amazing levels of detail which are hard to believe are running from a console with years old technology inside it.

Fans of the franchise will see that he has some new weapons at his disposal, such as bombs, including some which produce smoke to hide inside. Using the Eagle Sense feature Ezio can pick off enemies while they fumble about looking for him. He plants a massive bomb to blow apart a chain connected to a gate, then makes his escape while taking out as many bad guys as he can. The flamethrower looks to be the coolest weapon yet in Assassins Creed and we are exceptionally impressed with the fire effects and damage modelling.

KitGuru says: Is this one of the most exciting looking games for release later this year? I don't know what you think, but it certainly looks like a ‘must have' to me!

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