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Adventure Time-inspired The Swords of Ditto gets a release date

Last E3, The Swords of Ditto graced our screens, giving us our first look into a new stylistic, co-op RPG adventure. Now, developer onebitbeyond has announced that the Zelda-like experience will be heading to PlayStation 4 and PC on April 24th.

Along with its new release date, onebitbeyond has included a fancy new gameplay trailer in with its PlayStation blog post. While it’s obvious that the title was taking inspiration from classic The Legend of Zelda games, it seems the cyclical nature of Majora’s Mask has also found a place within The Swords of Ditto.

Players are tasked with taking down the main antagonist Mormo within just three days. Instantly granted the legendary self-titled sword, players set off on an adventure to level up it up via quests the best that they can within the limited time period. Collecting new weapons, toys and stickers to augment them are also essential tasks, but just as time consuming.

If the player dies, or the three-day period ends with Mormo reigning supreme, then the players wake up as a new, randomly generated character in a different version of the world. A century will have past and the past lives will have added to the legend of the sword. The actions of each player will also determine how the world is 100-years later, as towns will thrive or crumble depending on how far the forces of darkness were pushed back.

These “micro-adventures,” as developer onebitbeyond dubs them, have hidden layers and mechanics that will reveal themselves as the player progresses further. And while the excited few are granted a chance to fight Mormo within their first life, the chances of victory are slim, so proceed with caution.

KitGuru Says: Just like Cuphead, The Swords of Ditto immediately entranced me with its unique Adventure Time-inspired art style and Zelda-like mechanics. So far, this has excited me enough to warrant a day-one purchase. Do you like the look of The Swords of Ditto?

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