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Compulsion Games introduces its three protagonists in new We Happy Few trailer

We Happy Few has changed quite a bit since its crowdfunding inception, swapping out its procedural survival simulator elements in favour of a more narrative-driven experience. Compulsion Games’ new trailer delves deeper into what we can expect in the final release, introducing the three main protagonists: Arthur Hastings, Sally Boyle and Ollie Starkey.

The player first steps into the shoes of Arthur as he snaps out of his Joy-induced state and plans to escape the town of Wellington Wells after seeing the town for what it really is – a dilapidated, war-torn place where the population is force-fed drugs in order to forget its horrendous history.

Sally is the next to be introduced, similarly dropping her Joy after leaving Doctor V, whoever that might be. Her skills as an “experimental chemist” seem to give her a distinctly different combat style to Arthur, eschewing blunt-force trauma in favour of stealthy injections and chemical concoctions. Last up is Scotsman Ollie, described as “mad” by the narrator. His approach seems to be the most heavy-handed of the three, dabbling in explosives.

From there, The ABCs of Happiness trailer delves into its new RPG mechanics, from gathering materials from around the world to craft weapons, to skill trees allowing players to specialise in Survival, Combat and Stealth. World interaction is important, from using technology against the authorities, to accepting side quests from Joyed-up strangers in order to gain useful items.

PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players all over the world, including Australia, will be able to enjoy We Happy Few on August 10th.

KitGuru Says: While the original premise of surviving in Wellington Wells always seemed like an intriguing premise, the new three-pronged narrative is much more engaging in my eyes. I can say that it certainly provided a unique experience when I played in alpha, but the game certainly has changed since then. Are you excited for We Happy Few to release?  

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