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Custom paint jobs are still coming to Call of Duty: WWII, promises developer Sledgehammer Games

Back in January, Sledgehammer Games teased that custom weapon paint jobs would be coming to Call of Duty: WWII alongside The Resistance DLC. It seems that the developer got a little ahead of itself and is experiencing a delay, but reassures fans that the feature is still coming.

The custom paint jobs give players the freedom to craft, upload and then view customised designs for the game’s various weapons. In fact, the feature can already be seen via The Headquarters Gunsmith, although the selections are currently greyed out.

According to then-Sledgehammer Games Studio Head, Michael Condrey, it was intended to launch at the same time as The Resistance DLC, which launched on January 30th for PlayStation 4 and 1st March for Xbox One and PC, but players never saw the option materialise. Instead, Sledgehammer Games took to a blog post to explain that it jumped the gun.

“This is a feature that we know the community wants, and we are committed to delivering,” explains the developer. “We're actively testing it within the studio. The testing has taken longer than we initially anticipated.”

“We shouldn't have mentioned timing before we were ready, and we sincerely apologise for that mistake,” continues the blog post. “With that lesson in mind, we won't set a new date until our testing has concluded. Our goal is to wrap this work up very soon, and once we do, we'll provide an update with more concrete timing.”

To tide users over during the open-ended wait, Sledgehammer teased the new feature in screenshots that can be seen above.

In other news, Sledgehammer Games also plans to introduce more guns into the game in a “massive” update due to land in the coming weeks. This is separate to its impending update this Friday, 9th March, which aims to quell team killing in Hardcore mode by introducing a separate playlist with a feature called ‘ricochet’, where all team damage inflicting hurts the offending player instead.

KitGuru Says: While it’s great to see Sledgehammer Games improve the quality of life for the title, Call of Duty games often become relatively obsolete when the next iteration releases. With rumours surrounding Black Ops 4 and possibly Modern Warfare 2 remastered, I can’t see players sticking to Call of Duty: WWII long enough to fully appreciate the hard work. Do you like the incoming changes and features to WWII?

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