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Destiny 2’s Prometheus Lens weapon is bugged, heavily unbalancing PvP

Destiny players are no stranger to overpowered weapons making their way into the game, as the first title brought in the infamous Vex Mythoclast. Destiny 2’s The Curse of Osiris expansion brings with it something much worse, the Prometheus Lens.

That’s not to say that The Curse of Osiris is bad by any means, as it does bring with it story elements, armour, and much needed balancing. Unfortunately, it does mean that the Crucible is currently littered with players tearing enemies up with the seemingly constant laser-beam of the Prometheus Lens.

According to Destiny 2’s community manager, David ‘Deej’ Dague, this is apparently due to a bug that will be addressed in the upcoming ‘This Week At Bungie’ blog.

It’s assumed that the Prometheus Lens is supposed to act similar to the Coldheart weapon, in that it gradually gains damage the more that it’s fired. Instead, the Prometheus Lens has consistent damage, generating a heat field around the user that continuously expands the longer the trigger is held down. Moreover, kills gain extra ammunition.

Consistent damage equals continuous kills, meaning that the Prometheus Lens can theoretically fire indefinitely. It’s safe to say from the videos put up online that players are frustrated by the weapon, with Redditor Vetoed starting the trend that brought the bug to light. Seeing it from a user's perspective, however, shows just how much it can melt enemies down.

KitGuru Says: The Vex Mythoclast was nerfed in great time, and we can only hope the same for the Prometheus Lens. In the meantime, it might be best for angrier players’ screens and controllers or mice if they stick to PvE. At least, that would be my coping mechanism. Have you had a bad experience with the Prometheus Lens?

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