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Destiny 2 subscription datamine was a hoax

Late last month, you likely saw a few articles covering a recent Destiny 2 datamine, which showed strings for a subscription option for the game. While the D2 Dataminers Discord server is usually a trusted source for these leaks, the mods of the server have now revealed that the subscription …

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KitGuru Games: Destiny 2 is finally getting its ‘Avengers’ moment

Bungie has tried to reinvent the 'Destiny' experience many times over the years to varying degrees of success. When Bungie first introduced the seasonal content model, it felt like things were heading in the right direction, but over time, we came to realise that those early seasons weren't building up to the big story moments many players were hoping for. That is all finally starting to change this year, with Season of the Lost and The Witch Queen expansion showing signs of living up to the ambitious promises Bungie sold us on all those years ago. 

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Destiny 2 finally gets cross-play support today

Last year, Bungie announced plans to bring cross-play to Destiny 2. The feature mistakenly went live early in May and was later rolled out again in a limited time beta test. Now, with Season of the Lost, cross-play will be officially live in Destiny 2.  During Bungie's big stream this …

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