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Destiny 2’s console launch has proven a success

Earlier this week, Destiny 2 managed to surpass 1.2 million concurrent players on console alone, reaching 1.3 million as of developer Bungie’s blog update last night. Publisher Activision has continued to share the good news about Destiny 2’s success by revealing the console launch press release. “With franchise pre-order records …

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Destiny 2 is now official

Update: Following on from last week’s leak, today Bungie and Activision officially announced Destiny 2 with a a simple social media post, showing the Destiny 2 logo. Destiny 2 was made official in a Tweet earlier today. Unfortunately though, Bungie hasn’t given us any other details at the time of …

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Destiny 2 is already in the works

Bungie and Activision have seen great success with the launch of Destiny. While reviews were fairly mixed, criticizing  the title’s lack of story but praising the gameplay mechanics, it hasn’t stopped the game from garnering 9.5 million registered users to date and due to this commercial success, Destiny 2 is …

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