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Bungie disables Destiny 2 text chat due to crashing exploit

If you were playing Destiny 2 over the weekend, then you likely had a frustrating experience. On Friday evening and early Saturday, players discovered an exploit in the latest patch, allowing players to use the text chat to crash the game for other players. 

The exploit was most common in PvP, as kicking players from the enemy team would eventually lead to match wins. Content creator, Zavalr, also warned that some were specifically going after streamers with the exploit.

There were ways to avoid getting caught by the issue. Players who had text chat channels disabled already won't have been affected. However, the exploit became so rampant that Bungie had to eventually pull the plug on text chat in-game.

Text chat was disabled in Destiny 2 on PC on Saturday while Bungie investigates the issue. There have been no further updates yet but we would expect text chat to return later this week and for the issue to be addressed in the next This Week At Bungie blog post.

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KitGuru Says: Did you encounter this issue over the weekend at all? 

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