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Dangerous XSS exploit affecting Steam users

It looks like Steam users might want to be careful when browsing Steam as an XSS exploit has been discovered which can seriously affect account security. The issue was made public earlier today and can allow attackers to inject their own code, which could allow someone to hijack your Steam …

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Tesla patches remote braking hack flaw found in Model S


Tesla has released a hotfix for its Model S electric car to close a potentially nasty hole in its security, which could have allowed hackers to remotely take control of the vehicle's Controller Area Network. The researchers who discovered it even showed themselves remotely activating the brakes of a Model S …

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Another exploit found in latest version of Flash

Although clearly not the case, it sometimes feels like hackers hate Adobe Flash. Despite the fact that it represents a simple path to exploit user's systems, every time it gets found to be insecure, it dies a little more. That slip into obscurity looks likely to continue, as yet another …

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3DS exploit bypasses microtransactions in Pokemon Shuffle

Nintendo launched a little free to play title on the 3DS a while back called Pokemon Shuffle. Since it is a free puzzle game, micro-transactions were incorporated but a new 3DS console exploit allows you to completely bypass the annoying paid for items and just enjoy the game. The 3DS …

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Destiny PvP suffering from infinite super exploit

Destiny's online player versus player mode, dubbed ‘The Crucible', is currently suffering from a new exploit that allows players to use an infinite number of super attacks. The exploit does have a few requirements to pull off though. In order to use infinite supers, you will need a party of …

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IE 6 targeting Aurora exploit is still kicking around

Despite it being over two years since the original Internet Explorer 6 Aurora exploit was discovered, Microsoft notified and patches issued, new exploits using the very same vulnerability are being discovered, which of course isn't Microsoft's fault, it's the fault of all those IT managers that haven't updated their company's …

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