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Destiny PvP suffering from infinite super exploit

Destiny's online player versus player mode, dubbed ‘The Crucible', is currently suffering from a new exploit that allows players to use an infinite number of super attacks. The exploit does have a few requirements to pull off though.

In order to use infinite supers, you will need a party of four Titans using the defender class, two Hunters and two Warlocks. The Titans have to equip the ‘Crest of Alpha Lupi' chest armour, which has a perk that allows for additional orbs of light to spawn following a super attack.


If all four Titans manage to use their super move on the same spot, then 12 orbs of light will be generated, which will allow the Warlocks and Hunters to use their supers, which will then generate more orbs of light for the Titan's.

This is a pretty solid tactic and won't be beaten easily by many teams attempting to play the crucible right now. This means that Bungie may need to de-buff the Titan chest armour in order to restore things back to normal.

KitGuru Says: This isn't really a problem with the game itself but rather, an over powered piece of armour. It is unlikely that Bungie will allow this tactic to be used for long. 

Source: Xbox Achievements 

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