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Activision investors call for third-party investigation into Bungie split

Although Activision’s split with Bungie was largely welcomed by the Destiny community, company investors are suspicious that there has been fraudulent activity from behind the scenes. Third-party lawyers from Pomerantz LLP are currently investigating the sudden announcement, which has been linked to sizeable dips in the company’s stock. Activision Blizzard …

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Destiny now sells overpriced level boosters

Destiny fans have grown wary of Bungie in recent months, thanks to the introduction of micro-transactions and the change of business model following the launch of The Taken King expansion. While these extra purchases started out as packs of ‘Silver’ to buy social or cosmetic items, it has now evolved …

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Halo and Destiny composer wins lawsuit against Bungie

Last year it was revealed that Marty O’Donnell, the soundtrack composer for the Halo series and later on, Destiny at Bungie, had filed a lawsuit against the studio. Now, after some time going through the legal process, Marty has won his case, receiving a fairly substantial payout. In addition to …

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Bungie hires on Destiny subreddit mod as community manger

While games development itself is a tricky business, managing the mammoth communities that can form around them can be even harder. That’s especially so if you’re running an MMO, with ever evolving content, meta games and player numbers, so keeping your ear in to the ground is important. That’s why …

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Destiny House of Wolves expansion gets trailer

Destiny’s long-awaited second expansion, House of Wolves, finally has a release date along with an official prologue cinematic trailer. Bungie has also confirmed the list of content set to appear in the game’s second expansion, which follows on from The Dark Below, that launched all of the way back in …

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Destiny gameplay designer moves to Bethesda

Destiny has been out for a while now. It has sold enough copies and has enough regular players to be considered a success and a new expansion is expected to release very soon. However, Bungie’s senior gameplay designer for the game has just left for Bethesda. Josh Hamrick, senior gameplay …

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