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It looks like Destiny 3 is on the way

While Destiny 3 felt like a certainty at one point, after splitting off from Activision, Bungie made the decision to double down on Destiny 2 with years of extra content. At this point, it seemed that Destiny 2 would not be replaced anytime soon, even after its upcoming expansion, The …

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The Bungie situation somehow got worse

Yesterday, news broke that Bungie was laying off a number of employees, while also delaying its two major projects, Marathon and Destiny 2: The Final Shape. Somehow, the situation got worse in the day following, with Bungie's CEO putting out an ill-advised tweet and one well-sourced Destiny-focused reporter sharing some additional insight into the financial reasons behind why this may have happened. 

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Destiny 2 is getting PlayStation-themed armour

Fashion is a big part of Destiny, with the look of an armour piece being just as if not more important than its effects. Embracing this fact, Bungie has announced a number of PlayStation-themed armour pieces, coming to all platforms today. Making the announcement on Twitter, the official Destiny account …

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Google has reportedly ‘deprioritised’ Stadia to focus on licensing streaming tech

Back in August, we learned that Google was hiring new Stadia employees to work on licensing its streaming tech out to game developers and publishers, in lieu of focusing on first-party games and bringing consumers on to Stadia directly. Now, it seems that plan is very much in motion, with Google reportedly being in talks with the likes of Bungie and Capcom.

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