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New Bungie survey reaffirms plans for live-action & animated adaptations

For years now we have heard talks of Destiny being adapted into different mediums including film and TV. Recently, this was further affirmed by the announcement that a former Warner Bros. executive has been hired in the role of ‘Senior Producer for Destiny Linear Media’. Now, thanks to a new survey sent out by Bungie, we seem to know exactly what Bungie has planned.

As reported by TheGamePost, Bungie recently sent out a survey to a select number of players. For our purposes, the most interesting question saw Bungie ask: “For each of the following games and their respective franchises, which of the following ways would you be interested in engaging with each franchise?”

With that, the full list of transmedia Destiny products which we may end up seeing is as follows:

  • Board Games
  • Live Action TV Shows
  • Animated TV Shows
  • Animated Movies
  • Live Action Movies
  • Podcasts
  • Music
  • Collectibles (e.g., Action Figures, Figurines, Branded Items)
  • Theatre Plays / Musicals
  • Comics / Graphic Novels
  • Books / Novels
  • Webtoon
  • Trading Card Games (Physical)

We have already seen nearly half a dozen Destiny books released as well as a comic series, and with Bungie stating that “any of these options could become available for the franchise” the prospect of a live action Destiny adaptation is very much in play.

It’s been almost a year since Sony announced its acquisition of Bungie and externally we have seen little in the way of any direct consequences of this move. As such, it is exciting to hear of the mounting evidence which claims that we will soon get much more from the world of Destiny.

Destiny’s lore is rich, varied and unique. It is unfortunate that the games have been mostly unable to capture and express this lore in an enticing way. Hopefully, the expansion to other forms of media helps to flesh out the world of Destiny in a new way.

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