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The Bungie situation somehow got worse

Yesterday, news broke that Bungie was laying off a number of employees, while also delaying its two major projects, Marathon and Destiny 2: The Final Shape. Somehow, the situation got worse in the day following, with Bungie's CEO putting out an ill-advised tweet and one well-sourced Destiny-focused reporter sharing some additional insight into the financial reasons behind why this may have happened. 

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Destiny 2: The Final Shape reportedly delayed

Bungie joined PlayStation Studios in 2022 for around $3.6 billion. Since then, the studio has been working on its next PvP game, Matter, alongside the big finale to Destiny 2's Light V Dark story arc with The Final Shape expansion. Unfortunately, The Final Shape has now faced a multi-month delay …

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Bungie wins $12m in latest Destiny cheats lawsuit

In recent years, Bungie has been looking to hamper the Destiny 2 cheating scene by going after the creators and sellers of cheats directly. Bungie has already had a few successful cases, including a $13 million payout in 2022. Now, Bungie has won another case against a cheat maker, this …

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Destiny 2 subscription datamine was a hoax

Late last month, you likely saw a few articles covering a recent Destiny 2 datamine, which showed strings for a subscription option for the game. While the D2 Dataminers Discord server is usually a trusted source for these leaks, the mods of the server have now revealed that the subscription …

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Valorant game director joins Bungie

Riot Games has cemented a position in the competitive shooter world with Valorant, directed by Joe Ziegler. Now, Ziegler will be moving on to a new challenge, leaving Riot behind and joining Bungie.  In an announcement this week, Ziegler revealed that he is now working at Bungie on “new stuff”. …

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