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Bungie finally officially unveils Marathon

For years now we have heard that Bungie is working on a new project separate to Destiny, with leaks pointing towards it being a revival of the studio’s 1994 first-person shooter Marathon. Finally, as part of the PlayStation Showcase, Bungie officially announced its first completely new project in more than a decade: Marathon.

During the PlayStation Showcase, Bungie announced Marathon: A sci-fi PvP extraction shooter which “will find players engaging one another as cybernetic mercenaries known as Runners, exploring a lost colony on the planet of Tau Ceti IV in search of riches, fame, and infamy.”

Taking to the PlayStation Blog, the team elaborated on the rather vague teaser trailer. When asked how this upcoming title compares to the 1994 original, Game Director Christopher Barrett stated: “It’s not a direct sequel to the originals, but something that certainly belongs in the same universe and that feels like a Bungie game. Finding those opportunities to nod to the universe’s lore, while also getting to build something different and new has been one of the best parts of developing this game so far.”

In discussing the design philosophy of Marathon, Barrett claimed that “one of the areas that is a big focus for us is our player-based storytelling. The original Marathon games revealed story moments through terminals, all in text. But now we have so many more ways to immerse players in this world, both in and out of game. We’ll be carrying that through in the design of this game.”

He continued, “Our design philosophy here is to have players affect the story of the world through their choices and their actions. This approach also lets us shape the overall narrative direction of the game experience while giving players a direct sense of agency and power.”

Marathon General Manager Scott Taylor concluded by saying “I know that fans are interested in learning more about Marathon. Believe me we can’t wait to show you more. And while I can’t give a timeline on when that information will be coming what I can say is this: The next time you hear from us about Marathon, we’ll be able to show you the gameplay and will be much closer to launch.”

Marathon is currently in development for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, and will feature cross-save and cross-play.

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