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Spider-Man 2 trailer shows off Black Suit, Web Wings and hero swapping

Sony concluded its lengthy PlayStation Showcase with an extended look at Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Set to arrive in Autumn of this year, Insomniac Games showed off what separates this game from the first two: multiple playable Spider-Men; the symbiote-infused black suit; web wings and more.

Releasing a 3-minute long trailer followed by more than 10 minutes of gameplay, Spider-Man 2 sees Kraven the Hunter traveling to New York to try and find an equal who he can hunt down. We got our first look at one of the “all-new playable and explorable boroughs” being introduced in Spider-Man 2: Queens, the home of Dr Curt Connors AKA the Lizard.

Story aside, Spider-Man 2 looks to be including so many new features, mechanics and gameplay opportunities, with this being the first game in the series to allow players to switch between the two Spider-Men.

Both Miles and Peter have been enhanced with new abilities and equipment, including the highly exciting ‘Web Wings’ – with the team at Insomniac Game claiming “if you thought traversal in our first two games was exhilarating, just wait until you experience it firsthand in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.”

Finally, perhaps the biggest addition coming with this sequel is the Symbiote Suit, offering completely new gameplay opportunities including the ability to “Strike back with aggressive parries to gain the upper-hand, or cast a web to shunt enemies between a hard place and a harder place.”

With all that is being added into Spider-Man 2, it seems as though Insomniac Games are trying their hardest to elevate this sequel and make it worthy of not just being a PlayStation 5 exclusive, but also a follow-up to one of the last generation’s best games.

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