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Activision has invested $500 million in Destiny

Activision is betting big on Bungie and its new IP, Destiny, having already sunk half a billion dollars in to the project, making it a huge gamble for both the publisher and the developer. According to Reuters, the Call of Duty publisher is spending $500 million on developing and advertising …

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Bungie has released more Destiny gameplay footage

Destiny will be Bungie’s first game since it parted ways with the Halo franchise, so as you can imagine, gamers are very interested in seeing what they do next. However, so far Destiny gameplay footage has been scarce and the developer hasn’t given much away about the game, luckily though, …

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343 Industries hire professional Halo player

Halo 4 developer, 343 Industries, has just hired professional gamer Eric “GH057ayame” Hewitt, a professional Halo player who is best known for his competing as a part of Team Carbon. The studio’s latest employee let the news out over the weekend after tweeting “Ready to get back to work?” followed by …

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Skyrim mod maker lands job at Bungie

Skyrim’s main game was impressive when it was released, sure, but it will perhaps be better remembered for its sheer number of mods, conversions, tweaks and content packs. Now it’s that latter category of work that has landed Alexander J. Velicky a job at Bungie, a year after he released the …

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Destiny trailer, box art and beta access

Destiny, the long awaited game developed by ‘Halo’ creators, Bungie and its partner in crime: Activision, just got it’s first game-play trailer along with pre-order beta access details and box art. Destiny is an ambitious game with a persistent growing universe, which Bungie wants to expand over the next 10 …

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Classic shooter Marathon coming to iPad

Older Mac lovers will remember playing Marathon on their 68030 or 68040 powered computer many eons ago. The latest news is that the 1994 genre redefining shooter is coming to the iPad. Bungie, the makers of the original game however won’t be involved because the port is being handled by …

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