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Destiny 2 will be 120fps in PvP on next-gen consoles

One of the more disappointing aspects of Destiny 2 on current-gen consoles is the 30 frames per second cap. Fortunately with next-gen consoles, the game's frame rate will be getting a bump, in both PvE and PvP modes. 

Bungie has already announced plans to release a graphical upgrade patch for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PS5. At the time, we knew that the game would support 4K/60fps, but it turns out Destiny 2's PvP mode will be getting an even bigger frame rate bump.

This week, Bungie also revealed that Destiny 2 will support up to 120 frames per second gameplay in PvP matches on next-gen console hardware.

Outside of the crucible though, all other modes in Destiny 2 will continue to run at 4K/60. The next-gen upgrade patch for Destiny 2 will be arriving on the 8th of December.

KitGuru Says: As we know from the PC version of Destiny 2, this is a game that really thrives at higher frame rates. It is going to be interesting to see these upgrades in action once the patch rolls out. 

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