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Every weapon in Black Ops Cold War is tuned differently for DualSense

One of the most unique aspects to the PlayStation 5 is the DualSense controller. With advanced haptics and adaptive triggers, developers can take advantage of the DualSense in order to create new and interesting gaming experiences. While it was already announced that Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War would take advantage of the controller, it has now been revealed that every single weapon has been tuned individually to feel different on the DualSense.

In an interview with Gamespot, the Lead Game Designer for Black Ops Cold War – Tony Flame – gave insight into the DualSense, saying “The DualSense controller is pretty awesome. It's got new haptic feedback so when you're pulling the trigger, it's shaking, every time a gun fires there is a little motor in there that's firing every time. There is sensitivity on the trigger that represents the trigger pressure on a real weapon.” 

According to Flame, “All of that [the adaptive triggers and haptics] has been tuned in the game for each individual weapon. So it's quite a lot to take in, but it's pretty awesome, and it gives the guns a feeling like they've never had before.”

While this may lead to concerns for some when it comes to the game’s competitive aspect – especially considering the game offers cross-play – Flame reassured fans that “In general, with next-gen, we had to make sure that across the board, people would have a fair experience, no matter what platform they're on.”

Even though it will undoubtedly be exciting to try the new DualSense and its haptics/triggers, both can be turned off or tweaked at a system level, ensuring a fair and equal experience.

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