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Bungie takes aim at Destiny 2 cheat seller

Bungie is beginning to crack down on Destiny 2 cheat sellers ahead of the release of the game's next expansion. This time around, a cheat group specialising in ESP and aimbots was targeted. 

Perfect Aim is known for selling cheats for a number of online shooters, including Counter-Strike and Battlefield. Over the weekend, the site's Destiny 2 cheats were taken down, citing a cease and desist notice from Bungie.

The bundle previously offered aimbot, wallhack, teleport and other cheat tools. As part of Bungie's cease and desist, it noted that use of these cheats is against the game's terms of service agreement.

There is no word on a ban wave going alongside this but chances are, anyone that was using these tools previously will now be targeted by Destiny 2's anti-cheat system.

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KitGuru Says: Have many of you had issues with Destiny 2 cheaters before? Have you noticed a dip in those encounters recently? 

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