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The PlayStation 5 is only 5% larger than the Series X by volume

When both Sony and Microsoft revealed their respective consoles, many fans expressed surprise at just how much larger the PlayStation 5 appeared to be. As COVID-19 has prevented many people from getting the opportunity to see either console prior to launch, there have been no real world side-by-side comparisons of both consoles, furthering this perceived disparity. With the complete dimensions of both consoles now known however, it appears as though the PS5 is only 5% larger than the Xbox Series X, volume wise.

Following the recent disassembly video of the PS5 published by Sony online, Japanese site 4gamer got the opportunity to interview the console’s VP of mechanical design Yasuhiro Ootori, revealing the exact dimensions of the upcoming next-gen system.

The PS5’s body dimensions officially stand at 104 (W) x 260 (D) x 390 (H) mm, compared to the Series X’s 151 (W) x 151 (D) x 301 (H) mm, which suggests a much larger console. That being said, due to the curved nature of the PS5’s design, in terms of volume, the PS5 takes up 7.2L, which when compared to the Series X’s 6.86L, only represents a size difference of 5%. Furthermore, the PS5 Digital Edition, which is equally as powerful as the PS5, only omitting the disc drive, lands at 6.4L – which falls under the Series X volume-wise.

Of course, when placed in a room, the PS5 will take up more space due simply to the fact that the console’s negative space must also be accounted for. That being said, it is interesting to see that in terms of how much power each console manufacturer managed to cram into their respective consoles, the size differential is much less prominent than previously thought.

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