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Sony releases official PS5 teardown video

Next-gen consoles are on the way and for hardware enthusiasts, one of the more exciting aspects of a new console launch is the teardown, seeing how these custom machines are built and exactly what is going on under the hood. To satisfy that very crowd, today Sony released an official PS5 teardown video, showing off the console in its entirety. 

The video stars Yasuhiro Ootori, Vice President of mechanical and hardware design at Sony Interactive Entertainment. The teardown clocks in at just under 7 minutes in length, so it's not an overly complicated process.

One interesting thing to point out here is that the process to change the PS5 from vertical to horizontal mode (or vice versa) is more involved than you would expect. It isn't a simple case of putting the console on its side. Instead, similarly to a desktop monitor stand, there is a screw and clip mechanism to attach/detach the base of the console and move it based on how you want to orient it.

The side panels of the PS5 are easily removable, indicating that we may get custom PS5 plates, similar to the Xbox 360 faceplates of last generation. As we dig deeper into the internals, we are greeted with a beefy heatsink, a blower fan solution and liquid metal on the SoC rather than traditional thermal paste for better heat transfer.

KitGuru Says: I always find these teardowns interesting. In the case of the PS5, it looks like a lot of attention has been paid to efficient cooling. I'm particularly looking forward to seeing custom side plates hit the market eventually. 


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