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Bungie wins $12m in latest Destiny cheats lawsuit

In recent years, Bungie has been looking to hamper the Destiny 2 cheating scene by going after the creators and sellers of cheats directly. Bungie has already had a few successful cases, including a $13 million payout in 2022. Now, Bungie has won another case against a cheat maker, this …

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Lithuania claims Russia regularly cyber-attacks its systems

Although it's generally accepted that all developed nations are constantly slinging digital warheads at each other – not to mention the bedroom hackers and hacktivists joining in for fun – it rarely feels too serious. In the case of Lithuania though, it's concerned about the barrage of Russian attacks it's …

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Cheaters have already found exploits in Battlefield 1


Battlefield 1 hasn't fully launched yet but players can get a headstart in the multiplayer and campaign modes by signing up for EA/Origin Access, which includes ten hours of early game time. However, you may encounter some frustrations during pre-launch multiplayer as it looks like cheaters are already being encountered. …

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New evidence points to North Korea being behind Sony 2014 hack

Back in 2014, Sony Pictures suffered from a massive cyber attack, which had long-lasting repercussions for the company. Now, over a full year later, some new evidence has come to light, tying the attack to a Korean malware campaign. Researchers over at Kaspersky and Alienvault Labs (via: Wired) managed to …

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John Smedley steps down from Daybreak to head new company

Its official, John Smedley has left Daybreak Studios for good, after stepping down as President in order to take some time away following a series of personal attacks alongside some high-profile DDOS attacks on the company's game servers. It was initially thought that Smedley would return to the former SOE …

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Activision taking down Advanced Warfare glitch/cheat videos

Activision is currently issuing copyright strikes on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare YouTube videos that show off in-game glitches, cheats and hacks. This information came from an internal email that the network Machinima sent to its partners, warning against uploading these sort of videos. “Activision is being particularly vigilant about …

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Ikea trademark bullies site into takedown

Ikea, the company that has simultaneously provided us with most of our in-house furnishings and frustrating afternoons with wooden plugs and glue, has gone after IkeaHackers.net with a cease and desist order, claiming that it impeaches its trademark name. It's given the owner until 23rd June to takedown all adverts …

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EU to force digital companies to report hacks


The European Union has announced a new cybersecurity directive, that will place legal bindings on companies in key internet positions to report any breaches of their security, such as hacking attacks. This would bring companies like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other large scale services in-line and force them to keep …

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RSA targeted and compromised by sophisicated hackers

The security division of EMC, RSA have been hit with a sophisicated cyber attack which might end reducing the effectiveness of their SecurID authentication services. Executive Chairman Art Coviello sent a letter to RSA customers and documented that the company had recently “identified an extremely sophisticated cyber attack in progress …

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